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In 2017, a paramilitary gathering called the National Militia (Natsionalni Druzhyny), firmly connected to the Azov development, was shaped. Its expressed point is to help policing, which is permitted under Ukrainian regulation, and it has led road watches. In March 2019, its participation was apparently “in the low thousands

On 29 January 2018, individuals from the National Militia raged a civil gathering meeting in Cherkasy, and would not allow authorities to leave the structure until they had endorsed the city’s for quite some time postponed spending plan.

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Azov Battalion Merch - Azov Civil Corps

In spring of 2015, veterans of the Azov volunteer force made the center of a non-military non-legislative association Azov Civil Corps (Tsyvilnyi Korpus “Azov”), with the end goal of “political and social battle”.

In 2016, veterans of the regiment and members of the Azov Civil Corps founded the political party National Corps.The party’s first leader was Andriy Biletsky.

Azov Battalion Merch

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