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Azov Battalion Merch is a Ukrainian National Guard regiment, formed during the 2014 Ukrainian crisis. We will donate proceeds from the sale .

The Special Operations Detachment “Azov also known as the Azov Regiment and the Azov Battalion is a neo-Nazi unit of the National Guard of Ukraine based in a group of ultras of FC Metalist Kharkiv.

Azov Battalion Merch Background

In September 2014, the Azov Battalion went through a revamping, and was updated from a force to a regiment and selected into the National Guard of Ukraine. This was essential for bigger approach changes by the Ukrainian legislature of incorporating the free worker regiments under either the Ukrainian Ground Forces or the National Guard into the conventional hierarchy of leadership of the Anti-Terrorist Operation (ATO). The now-Azov Regiment was assigned as “Military Unit 3057” and authoritatively named the “Azov” Special Operations Detachment”.

Following its true enlistment in the National Guard, Azov got official financing from the Ukrainian Interior Ministry and different sources (accepted to be Ukrainian oligarchs). Close to this time Azov began getting expanded supplies of weighty arms

Azov Battalion Merch

Leadership and organization

The regiment’s most memorable leader was Andriy Biletsky. Biletsky avoided the public spotlight dealing with extending Azov to legion size. In summer 2014, he assumed control over the unit. In August 2014, he was granted the tactical improvement “Request For Courage” by Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko and elevated to the position of lieutenant colonel in the Interior Ministry’s police powers. After Biletsky was chosen into the Ukrainian parliament in the 2014 Ukrainian parliamentary political decision he left the regiment in October 2016 (Ukrainian chosen authorities can not be in the military, nor the police

A 16 July 2014 report put the Azov Battalion’s solidarity at 300. A previous report expressed that on 23 June just about 600 workers, including ladies, made vows to join the “Donbas” and “Azov” brigades. The unit included 900 workers as of March 2015

Azov Battalion Merch Current status

Ukraine chose to turn every worker contingent — both the Territorial Defense Battalions related with the military, and the Special Tasks Patrol Police of the inside service — into standard units of the Ukrainian Armed Forces and the National Guard, respectively.[when?] Azov is one of the last option. The Ukrainian government additionally selected to send just worker units to the Donbas front,pledging that recruits wouldn’t be sent into battle.

In January 2015, Azov Battalion was authoritatively moved up to a regiment and its designs took an unequivocal shape. A preparation community and a preparation office were laid out in Kyiv, in the previous modern complex “ATEK” for determination and assessment. The faculty, made out of workers from everywhere Ukraine, needs to go through a screening and verifying interaction, very like armed force’s activation methodology.

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